CND Vinylux; More than a Trend

Nail trends are always changing, but the one thing that remains constant, is the need for a fresh, new look that is clean and can withstand your day-to-day life! CND is the perfect fit!

CND Vinylux is a nail polish that usually lasts up to seven days, and it is considered a “Gel-like hybrid”, in that it wears a bit longer than regular polish. Although it has been compared to Gel, it's unique formula is designed to adhere to the natural nail without the use of a base coat or the use of a UV or LED lamp. It can also be removed at home with regular acetone nail polish remover. Unlike the gel that must be professionally removed.

The application is a 2-step process, consisting of two applications of color and one application of a top coat! When exposed to natural UV light, the top coat gets stronger.

Due to the increasing number of companies adding harsh chemicals and preservatives, people are becoming concerned with the safety of their beauty products. CND Vinylux is well-aware of this growing concern; although these ingredients are present in many other nail polish brands, CND Vinylux is a 5-free product, meaning the product is free from formaldehyde, toluene, DBP (dibutyl phythalate), formaldehyde resin and camphor.

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Kristi, Licensed Cosmetologist

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