The Power of InfraRed Sauna

What is infrared sauna and why is it so popular?

Infrared rays are naturally occurring from sunlight and are responsible for the warmth of sunshine. The ray is penetrating yet does not cause the damage that other rays like x-rays and UV rays can cause. We feel them because their wavelength is long and slow. The energy generated from a long, slow light wavelength is warm. The light from the cool end of the spectrum, where violet resides and beyond that, ultra-violet light is made from very short and fast wavelengths and their penetration is undetectable because they are cool rays.

From a therapeutic standpoint, infrared wavelengths create a warming of the body core much like what happens during aerobic exercise. The action of infrared light on the human body induces detoxification through sweating. Sweating is an elimination function of the skin so it is sometimes called the second kidney. Kidneys eliminate some of the most dangerous toxins from our bodies and the same can be said for the skin. Briefly, the body stores toxins in fatty tissues and sweating quickly reduces fat stores, releasing the poisons into the lymph for excretion. Sauna therapy changes tissue and nerve function and allows for fat stores to detoxify, resulting in fat loss. Sweating allows for a wide range of toxins that are quarantined in blood and fat like PCBs, heavy metals and industrial chemicals, to be excreted directly through the skin. An amazing amount of toxins can be liberated and ushered out of the body through the regular use of infrared sauna. Among the more common issues addressed through sauna are general detoxification, anti-aging benefits, relaxation, joint and pain relief, cardiovascular toning, increased metabolism, improved circulation, improved mental clarity and overall sense of well-being.

To benefit from infrared sauna at Emerald Springs Spa and to experience gentle detoxification, be sure to come to the sauna well-hydrated. Water is provided to drink during and after the session but the experience is enhanced when you have been drinking water on a consistent and frequent basis, prior to the session. Dry brush massage before entering the sauna is a wonderful way to wake up the lymphatic system and stimulate cleansing actions by the lymph. A short two-minute self-brushing immediately before stepping into the sauna is all that is required and the staff can demonstrate the process if you are not familiar with this technique.

A perfect combination for amazing health benefits is a body scrub or wrap and sauna session. Our Bindi and Nirvana herbal body treatments, as well as the Cellusmooth green coffee body wrap, all include dry brushing to enhance detoxification. All of the scrubs stimulate lymphatic flow by virtue of the light touch during the scrub application. Any of these treatments may be followed by a 30 minute sauna for ultimate detoxification stimulation.

Book a 4-week series of sauna sessions and receive a complimentary dry brush.

Tracy, Licensed Esthetician

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