What to Expect During Your Massage

Feeling nervous or wondering about what to expect during your first massage? Well, here at Emerald Springs Spa, we can assure you there is nothing to worry about! Massage is a wonderful addition to any wellness program, and all of our Therapists are licensed professionals that are highly trained in a number of techniques to assure that every client has an exceptional experience.

During your treatment, you can expect a calming, quiet atmosphere, but know that communication is key; it is important to let your therapist know about concerns that you might have to assure you get the most beneficial massage possible. Deeper work is not always necessary, especially for you first massage. Just like a workout routine, you do not want to shock the muscles at first by pushing yourself too hard. If the pressure needs to be adjusted, please just ask your therapist to apply more or less pressure. We are always considerate of each client’s comfort level while undressed.

Draping techniques allow the therapist to work on each individual body part, while still respecting the client’s modesty. Each room is dimly lit and you will have a private room to get undressed. Robes are available but not necessary for every treatment, unless you would like to cozy up and relax in the relaxation room.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns about your treatment, our client services team is always here to assist you with anything that may come up.

- Ashleigh, Spa Manager and Licensed Massage Therapist

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